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  1. Making-of Salitre

    An experience of shared edition and photography.

  2. Salitre

    Project funded and developed by La Caixa Foundation and PHREE publishing-house. 1. Saline substance, particularly abundant in soil and walls. 2. When sailing, the mixture of sweat and salt that sticks to the skin. 3. Lavapiés Street (Madrid) where twelve Senegalese residents lived in an overcrowded-house. 4. Collective photography (...)

  3. Somewhere in La Mancha

    A (re)construction of my family's visual memory and our relationship with the territory from where all of us come from, having as backdrop the history of Spain and the history of photography.

  4. Noray

    NORAY (origin unknown) Nautical  1. Bollard, a thick post on a ship of wharf, used for securing ropes and hawsers.  2. Smallest possible port.  3. Juan Valbuena´s favorite word.  4. Book of travels through The Wide Frontier, a territory which coincides approximately with the Mediterranean Sea.  Available book (...)

  5. The Wide Frontier

    The Wide Frontier is a place with such a strong identity that it has become an intermediate continent within a space that assumes centuries of crossings where thousands of stories (...)

  6. Todas Direcciones

    Juan Santos + Juan Valbuena

    A road photography project born in Spanish crisis time. Six photographers have traveled the six main roads that link the country trying to understand their own territory and looking for (...)

  7. V.

    A vertical journey to see the legendary port of Valparaíso in the footsteps of Chilean photographer Sergio Larrain.   Available book on phree.es  / 10 € / 500 copies (...)

  8. Navigator

    A random walk in the streets of New York, Berlín, São Paulo and México DF that follows quotes, polaroids, photos, words, draws and documents collected in four travel journals dated (...)

  9. Mucuripe: the last jangadeiros

    Mucuripe´s fishermen are the last community of “jangadeiros” in Fortaleza (Ceara-Brazil), they still resist against tourism, surrounded by skyscrapers and expensives hotels. In the eighties their houses were removed from (...)

  10. Ship Dreamer

    (two passages)

    1. Los Hileros: The sailors call Los Hileros to the zone where Atlantic Ocean´s water meet quiet Mediterranean Sea. 2. A short contemporary story narrated by H. in El (...)

  11. Workshop When 1+1=3 in Coliumo - Chili

    Making-of by Marcelo Gotelli. Thirteen people, nine ideas, five days, one book… When 1+1=3 workshops are encounters with unpredictable results which aim to create, carry out and (...)

  12. Juntos_Together

    Project commisioned by British Council.   The project uses photography, words and the personal archives of young sportsmen and women of diverse cultural heritage to explore their individual identities. (...)

  13. Going South

    Project carried out for NOPHOTO by NOKIA's assignment.

 A journey from the city to the sea fleeing the rain which becomes the Spanish version of an American road movie (...)

  14. No need to go faraway

    Project carried out for NOPHOTO by FGV's assignment with the target of producing RED: a corporate exhibition and book on the entity's 25th anniversary.

 A personal journey from Alicante (...)

  15. NOSOTROS, a collective album from Lavapies neighborhood

    Project commisioned by Casa Árabe. The project NOSOTROS: A COLLECTIVE ALBUM FROM LAVAPIÉS NEIGHBORHOOD entails constructing a collective album of compiled photographs and short stories from the residents of (...)

  16. Black Dawn

    First project commisioned by NOPHOTO that finally was included on "Cercanías, around 11M terrorist atack": a making-of about every collective´s member approach to documentary photography. “Workers...”, I listened to (...)

  17. ¿What is DÚO?

    Carlos Luján + Juan Millás + Eduardo Nave + Juan Valbuena

  18. DÚO 04

    Gianfranco Tripodo & Guillermo Abril

    Carlos Luján + Juan Millás + Eduardo Nave + Juan Valbuena

    About the South Border. Gianfranco Tripodo & Guillermo Abril. September 2015. View

  19. DÚO 03

    Laura M. Lombardía & Sara Brito

    Carlos Luján + Juan Millás + Eduardo Nave + Juan Valbuena

    About the last X cinema in the city. Laura M. Lombardía & Sara Brito. March 2015. View

  20. DÚO 02

    Pablo Chacón & Isabel Navarro

    Carlos Luján + Juan Millás + Eduardo Nave + Juan Valbuena

    About traffic crashes. Pablo Chacón & Isabel Navarro. December 2014. View

  21. DÚO 01

    Eduardo Nave & Valeria Saccone

    Carlos Luján + Juan Millás + Eduardo Nave + Juan Valbuena

    About the eleventh day of March. Eduardo Nave & Valeria Saccone. March 2014. View

  22. DÚO

    Carlos Luján + Juan Millás + Eduardo Nave + Juan Valbuena

    Single-subject newspaper issued unpredictably which explores and defends the feature format developed by a writer and a photographer. This publication provides both authors unusual working conditions in media: time and (...)

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