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  1. Sugarfree

  2. Una docena de higos

  3. Unweight

    Brief essays on eternity

    Unweight reflects on the human tendency to reject the limitations of Being. To do so, I photograph blocks of stone marked by attempts at overcoming them. These signs certify (...)

  4. Supermen

    Supermen is a meditation on the will of human power based on direct experience working with American pitbull terriers in controlled environments. Dogs are always subjected to human (...)

  5. Numbers

  6. Aptitud para las armas

  7. Superficial approaches

    Towards a topology of the group

    There are subsets within any set. Belonging to both sets is determined by the sum of two differential qualities, one which justifies its presence in the primary set and one (...)

  8. 49 c.c.

    This is the size of a motor block for “almost” a motorbike. To be a motorcycle and not a moped, an engine must have a cylinder of 50 cubic centimeters (...)

  9. Supermen

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