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  1. Gimenells Memoria Colonizada

    Juan Santos

    During summer 2011 nine photographers from NOPHOTO collective did the first stay of this project in Vegaviana, a settlement town in northern Cáceres. 
 In 2014 Juan Santos suggests (...)

  2. The Magic of Camera Obscura

    If you move, you are not in the picture

    Paco Gómez

    Workshop aimed to schools which tries to communicate the magic of the origins of photography to children. The students make frames and during the practice the room turns into a (...)

  3. Kamikazes de la imagen



  4. Exhibition Design

    Exhibition Display Criteria

    Paco Gómez

    Photo exhibitions are a social action achieving a mission as a momentary display window for projects. Well- designed and measured, they are an excellent tool to communicate messages the author (...)

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