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From latin, status; from italian Allarme, and this one from the ancient italian, All'arme, 'to arms’.

1. Situation of concern, fright or shock in which someone or something is found caused by some risk or evil that suddenly threatens.

2. In Spain, state that is declared to grant special powers to the State and implies a temporary limitation of certain rights when a situation of serious consequences in public life occurs, such as catastrophes, calamities, epidemics, etc.

A few days before the government declared the State of Alarm in Spain (at that moment the world center of the pandemic) and the mandatory confinement of all citizens in their homes, my wife, my daughter and I left Madrid in anticipation of that decision. We went to the house that my wife's family has in the countryside. There, my parents in-laws, my brothers-in-law and my nephew were waiting for us. The house is very large and has a plot of about ten thousand square meters in which orange trees, lemon trees and vineyards grow. Without a doubt, if we were going to be locked up, this was the place to be, instead our small apartment in the capital, especially for our daughter.

I began on documenting of our confinement a few days after the imposement of the State of Alarm. I began to do it almost viscerally, with no other purpose than to keep my head occupied and keep my sanity, trying not to get the uneasiness and anguish caused by the news I heard or read. Weeks went by first, then a month, then two. I have been photographing every day of this new life. I keep doing it. I see my daughter and my nephew play happily, oblivious to everything. I see the adults I live with upset and concerned. Little by little I have realised that all these photographs I’m doing have something in common. They always refer to restlessness and fear, loneliness, the lack of freedom and the desire to recover it. I hope, I wish with all my heart that all this will pass soon. I am afraid, however, that we will never be the same and that the feelings and sensations that these photographs reveal have to accompany us for a long time, perhaps all of our lives.

Diseñado y desarrollado por Julio César González