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  1. Hidraqua

    Servicio municipal de aguas de Orihuela

  2. María's House

  3. A present for Soraya

  4. Xibanya

    Is the book of Jing Jing in her first trip to Spain

  5. Amway

    No Health, No Future!

    Amway offers a range of exclusive, competitive brands that meet customer needs around the world. From nutritional supplements to water treatment, cosmetics to cleaning products, these brands are the (...)

  6. Very Beaupeful

    Shijiazhuang, China, 2005

  7. Tribute to Peret

    The father of Rumba

  8. Chinese New Year

    Someone once told me that on Chinese New Year his father used to go to the town cemetery to light firecrackers in remembrance of his deceased friends and family. (...)

  9. Chinese Students

    The goal: Learning English. The method: Memorizing by reading out loud. The problem: You are in China, and that means you will never be alone. Millions of people are surrounding you 24 hours. There is no privacy, no intimacy, you are one of many. Wherever you are, you (...)


    Three Countries Classic tour taking you from Singapore to Malaysia and Thailand. 9 Nights / 10 Days.


Day 1. Arrive Singapore (D) On arrival in this ultra-modern island country, your local tour guide will meet you at arrival hall then transfer to your hotel on Orchard (...)

  11. Jing Jing Book

  12. Watch all World Cup matches on Nophoto TV

  13. Three days fishing, two drying the nets

    Shortly after arriving to China at the end of 2007, Professor Wan showed us this proverb in Mandarin class. I thought, just what I needed, remembering that I have to (...)

  14. Tao

    Unique book completed after my second trip to China in 2003.

  15. Martín Chirino

    Photographs of sculptor Martín Chirino for an assignment by the Azcona Foundation.


    Te task is simple: photograph people entering the underground station of Legazpi in Madrid. From the same place, on the access steps, between seven and eight a.m.

  17. Album from the Earthquake

    I found this album among the remains of what used to be a building. I would like to think that that woman was not at home on the day of the earthquake, or that she had enough time to escape before her life was turned into a pile of (...)

  18. Cherry Blossom

    There’s not much to see in Wuhan. So, every year at the beginning of spring, madness is unleashed when the cherry trees at the university start to blossom. It’s (...)

  19. Wedding Album

    Today I saw a woman burning her wedding album at the garden below my home. When I got close to the fire I asked her why she did that. She (...)

  20. China Notebook

    Unique book completed after my first trip to China in 2002.

  21. Video Art

    Arco 2006

    One of the key differences between video art and theatrical cinema is that video art does not necessarily rely on many of the conventions that define theatrical cinema. Video art (...)

  22. Fotonoviembre 2005


  23. Estrella

    Star Train is a night service offered by RENFE (Spanish Railway Company) that allows joining large cities out of the city of origin in the afternoon or evening for a (...)

  24. Radiochina

    Interference reorganizes perception and transforms looking; it may be perceived as unsettling or disturbing noise, undesirable effects in the way of representing reality. I draw from overlapping frequencies, from a (...)

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