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Two long standing photo collectives collaborate in a publishing and exhibition project involving the recognition of their archives. In the last years, both photography groups have researched on historical, socio-cultural and geographical aspects of their immediate surroundings: Eastern Europe (in case of SPUTNIK) and Western Europe (in case of NOPHOTO).
Other shared features are their collective sense, documental approach, long-term commitment towards each project, publishing aim, as well as collaboration with other fields: literature, audiovisual story, publishing design.
Mapping the Blind Spots is comprised of an exhibition and a publication:
The exhibition is built with already existing works. First, works from both collectives are taken apart; then, some fragments are put together as a new compilation or edition on the vertical surface of the wall. Dissociating and collecting, tearing apart one's body and restoring it with pieces from the other one's body. The proposal: generating a fragmentary, displaced writing, as a cartographic reflection of an unknown landscape where both Europes turn.
The publication is deployed as a mix category resulting from the encounter of both photo archives. By mutual agreement, heterogenic stories make up a singular polyphonic answer: a volume or publishing body for unfolding, dividing and replacing oneself with another.

Publication born from the research and exploration by Sputnik on NOPHOTO files looking for new readings on NOPHOTO work and the estrangement from their own works following this new way of looking. Most of this publication will be based on the file among collectives.

Diseñado y desarrollado por Julio César González