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Terrorism attempts to provoke feelings of collective insecurity by killing indiscriminately, making us think that all of us could be affected by it at any time and place where we find ourselves. The events of 11-M entailed a wake-up call to the cruel reality that a kind of terrorism, until then only seen in far off places, at least in those dimensions, was present among us. Television and newspapers showed us terrible images of a tragedy that took place in familiar areas, which many of us traverse through in our daily routines. Many others went to see those events, feeling close to the impact involved in discovering that all of it was happening around us. At the same time, we were powerless as if we were looking at ourselves from the inside, but from far away, peering through a very dark glass: there we only found shadows of ourselves.

HERE AND NOW is a collective project on documentary photography in contemporary Spain that deals with some common subject matters, both modern and long-standing, associated with our country—bars, motorbikes, religion, bulls, water, families, immigration—constituting thirteen projects created in the first person: For this book, Juan Santos shows the project "Shadows of Ourselves" The project is compiled in the book NOPHOTO: Una muestra de fotografía de España, edited and designed by NOPHOTO for the Hubei Museum of Art in Wuhan, China.

Publication of photographs from the project "Shadows of ourselves" in the Newsweek magazine in a work about Spain before the 2008 ellections to the parliament.

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