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About traffic crashes.
Pablo Chacón & Isabel Navarro.
December 2014.

Single-subject newspaper issued unpredictably which explores and defends the feature format developed by a writer and a photographer. This publication provides both authors unusual working conditions in media: time and space to fully develop a topic, as well as full creative freedom.

PHREE publishing house, NOPHOTO collective and UNDERBAU design office work together since 2014 in this project with the idea of supporting contemporary journalism.


About the eleventh day of March.
Eduardo Nave & Valeria Saccone.
March 2014.

About the last X cinema in the city.
Laura M. Lombardía & Sara Brito.
March 2015.

About the South Border.
Gianfranco Tripodo & Guillermo Abril.
September 2015.

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