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Photo exhibitions are a social action achieving a mission as a momentary display window for projects. Well- designed and measured, they are an excellent tool to communicate messages the author wishes to the visitor. Showing historical examples and case studies, the workshop is aimed to students willing to acquire the needed concepts to enjoy an exhibition as visitors and to be able to design their own photo projects in tridimensional spaces. One of the days is dedicated to a practical example of an alleged photo exhibition, optimizing the space to its maximum and creating a narration. The students learn the basic concepts of a room 3D surveying and image scaling.

Duration: 10-12 hours
Required in the room: Projector and computers for the students
Aimed to: Photographers willing to acquire the needed criteria to exhibit their photos and to understand concepts in order to enjoy an exhibition.
Student number (min./max.): 10-15

Diseñado y desarrollado por Julio César González