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Published in February 2009. The monographic subject of La Mas Bella Snack is the worldwide famous Spanish “"tapa"” (snack), which in Spanish has a lot of different and funny meanings like “"cover"”, “"top"”, etc, and it is used in a wide variety of popular expressions. La Más Bella Snack is a box similar to those that expend napkins in every bar in Spain, with napkins specially designed by artist Sylvie de Pauw. The box has been designed by designer Aitor Mendez, and contains almost twenty different pieces produced by different artists especially for La Más Bella Snack. In this magazine edition Juan Santos produced a pull-down of photographs from the project "words that keep abyses" related with food and drink.

"If you walk along hanging your head, your nails dug into the palms of your hands, your gaze will be held on the ground, in the gutters, the manhole covers [...]
For everyone, sooner or later, the day comes when we bring our gaze down along the drainpipes and we can no longer detach it from the cobblestones..."

Italo Calvino. Invisible Cities

The city has turned into an artistic and cultural undeniable model. The urban thing has imbued the visual culture in all its means, particularly the photography, and it works today as an aesthetic reference of representation of the society of our days. This work is a proposal to reflect, in the other way around, on the artistic intervention capacity of photography in the city. Far away from the artistic interventions that propose a physical more or less spectacular intervention, the purpose of this work is to be a perception-changing factor of the spectator-citizen, so that it questions and changes its vision on what it surrounds him, claiming a different look on what habitually went unnoticed: the city on top we walk.

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Publication of the project Palabras que guardan abismos (Words that Keep Abysses) within the series VisualBox by Chucherías de Arte

Exhibition and award competition for intercultural dialogue, organished by Sociedad Estatal de Conmemoraciones Culturales (SECC). The project "Words that keep abyses" was awarded with the secondprize.

"From Urban to Domestic" is an exhibition that took place at Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid in 2007.
Juan Santos and Marta Soul showed some of their works that fall under that subject. Juan Santos showed an installation of his project "Words That keep Abysses" specially produced for Juana Mordó hall at Circulo de Bellas Artes, and also two projections. One of them of the same project "Words That keep Abysses" and the other one of the project "Lie".

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