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Retando a la suerte (Challenging Luck) is a project by Tania Pardo developed for two years (2012- 2014) in different presentation stages, creating a curatorial network around photography and NOPHOTO collective. The curator invites other 12 curators to conceive, each of them, an exhibition with the other 12 members from NOPHOTO photo collective. The result of each of these proposals is presented in a single format: 13 boxes inspired by the concept of a portable exhibition including a photo from each of the members from NOPHOTO photo collective.

The project is launched with the first of these boxes, titled Juntos and curated by Tania Pardo, who asks each of the photographers to reflect on the idea of collective through his or her own individuality.

Each one of the curators –Estrella de Diego, Rafa Doctor, Horacio Fernández, Pablo Flórez, Eva González-Sancho, Martí Manen, Rosa Olivares, Sergio Rubira, Manuel Segade, Virginia Torrente, Roberto Vidal + Iraida Lombardía and Manuela Villa- worked on a specific topic about contemporary photo –¿Documentos de Ficción?; Madrid; Lo mejor; Desenfoque, La Pérdida; Mussorgsky; Crisis, Error; Félix; Solos; Lo invisible; y Placer- showing the variety of views and approaches of this curatorial network generated by the project rhizomatic system. 

Retando a la suerte pick up Duchamp's idea of portable museums in suitcases or Joseph Cornell's poetry boxes, and even everything having portable connotations and narrated by Vila-Matas in his book A brief history of portable literature. 
A proposal to reflect on mobile or momentary structures for the exhibition through this collective creative process, because these 13 exhibitions, conceived as itinerary devices, are presented in boxes which may be shown everywhere.


We invite you to the opening of the project Retando a la suerte (Challenging Luck), by Tania Pardo with NOPHOTO collective, thought as a curatorial chain where each curator elaborates an exhibition with 12 members of the collective.
Friday July 18, 2014. 19:30h.
Sala La Fragua. Tabacalera. Embajadores, 51. Madrid.

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