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  1. We are a Cycling Team
    We are a Cycling Team
  2. We are a Cycling Team
    We are a Cycling Team
  3. Adverse Landscape
    Adverse Landscape
  4. Adverse Landscape
    Adverse Landscape
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    Adverse Landscape
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    Adverse Landscape
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    Adverse Landscape
  8. We are a Cycling Team
    We are a Cycling Team

NOPHOTO imagines a visual exercise to be executed in a faraway place. A determined team rolls in an adverse context full of obstacles and difficulties. Cyclist become then a projection of the members of the collective and their tour a metaphor on the nature of a collective creative experience.
The relationship between culture production and sport is specially appealing because it is subject to a great deal of preconceived ideas and opposing stereotypes. The image of a synchronized rolling pack, however, it is pretty similar to the formalization process of an idea in a collective way.
The EQUIPO structure represents another culture production approach. A project where the particular hallmark of the participants gets dissolved to give way to a collective authorship where it does not matter anymore who is pushing the bottom. It is all about strongly rolling in the uncertain direction set by a head changing by the essential replacements.
Decisions agreed in our studio in Madrid caused to appear by our cycling team in Wuhan city. Small poetic gestures buried by the weight of reality. Unlikely faraway goals only reached while obtaining them. Satisfactions besides competition which only help to carry on cycling.

E·CO 2010. Meeting between European and American Photography Collectives is an initiative from the Spanish Ministry of Culture which brings together 20 photography collectives from Europe and Latin America, as well as editors, researchers and other professionals in the sector, to open up debate on the current needs of photography. In culmination of this initiative, an exhibition curated by Claudi Carreras will display works produced by the collectives on the theme of the environment. 

E·CO has the following activities:
- Madrid. Tabacalera. May 13 – July 11, 2010.
- Soria. Former Bank of Spain Building. September 8 – 28 November, 2010.
- Sao Paulo. Centro Cultural de España. July 3 – August 29, 2010.
- Madrid. New Production Strategies and Alternative Circuits of Visibility for Photography Projects. Presentations by the Collectives and Roundtables. .Spanish Ministry of Culture, Auditorium. May 13 – 15, 2010.
- Soria. Interactive Photography Essays from Collectives on the Province of Soria. Results will be displayed in an exhibition. Former Bank of Spain Building. May 16 – 18, 2010

Diseñado y desarrollado por Julio César González