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  1. At the time, in the place

    At the Time, in the Place is a documentary work where expressing tragedy acquires special importance in sound — the magnitude of volume and the intensity of suffering borne from the image itself. Nave travels to those enclaves where the terrorist organization ETA [Euskadi Ta Askatasuna, Basque Homeland and Freedom] (...)

  2. Normandie: Les rivages du débarquement

    CAF. Centro Andaluz de la Fotografía. Almería

  3. Silenced Land

    "Silenced Land" is a reflection on the muteness and mutilation that starts when vulneration takes place between the vital relationship between man and natural surroundings. It is a portrayal of the absence of life as a need to pay attention and care for the eco-system. But above all, it is (...)

  4. Oceanogràfic. An acuarium of seven seas

    Feature. El País Semanal

  5. Sobre el once de marzo


  6. At the time, in the place


    The book collects those common places that were marked by the death in different attacks by terrorist group ETA since the sixties to the present. + info: phree.es www.alahoraenellugar.com (...)

  7. 15 years of Spanish Contemporary Photography

    Sorts and Tendencies. Alcobendas Collection

    Book "15 years of Spanish Contemporary Photography. Sorts and Tendencies. Alcobendas Collection".

  8. 100 Spanish Photographers

    Book "100 Spanish Photographers". Exit 2006. ISBN 9788493463922

  9. Península

    Juan Millás + Eduardo Nave

    Can we look at the world from the same approach we use for the photography book? Is it possible to have a look to reality opening it in any part? In summer 2007, driven by these thoughts, the authors of the project called Península agreed on the rules for a (...)

  10. Solo vol. V

    Río Tinto

  11. Península


    Juan Millás + Eduardo Nave

  12. Solo vol. IV

    Segovia prison

    Where the silence is under suspicion and the void is a symptom of a past life, Eduardo Nave goes solo to feel the pulse of the landscape memory. In the (...)

  13. Mulberry Harbour


    Three days after the D Day, two artificial ports with the code name “mulberry A and B” were towed five mile per hour through the English Channel and assembled in the beaches of Omaha and Arromanches. On June the 19th the “Mulberry” of Omaha was destroyed in a great storm, (...)

  14. 2711

    Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europas

    Grey landscapes, made out concrete and shadows. Also some cracks. No sky no ground. Pictures with no light, no horizon, no vanishing line. No reference, no clue. Nothing that tells (...)

  15. LXXIX


    Pompeii. 79 AD. Places speak to us about what occurred. Ruins are erected like the traces of an expanding past, for we can witness the passing of time here (...)

  16. There Is No Such Place

    One of the largest and most important reserves of fresh water in the world is situated in the Southern Patagonian Ice Field located in Argentina’s The Glaciers National Park. Outstanding (...)

  17. REC 4: Apocalipsis

    El País Semanal

    Filming of the movie REC 4: Revelation (Jaume Balagueró). Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain).

  18. Fototaxia

    Juan Millás + Eduardo Nave

  19. ¿What is DÚO?

    Carlos Luján + Juan Millás + Eduardo Nave

  20. Solo vol. I

    Matadero Madrid

    Sometimes I fall in love with ruins/ with their aroma their fog their secrets/ their shreds of pain make me blush but their remembrance nurtures me…            (...)

  21. DÚO 04

    Gianfranco Tripodo & Guillermo Abril

    Carlos Luján + Juan Millás + Eduardo Nave

    About the South Border. Gianfranco Tripodo & Guillermo Abril. September 2015. View

  22. Courtyards

    Courtyards is an audiovisual work and the product of sleepless sight. Pinned to a fixed point, it captures an unpredictable life and its inconsequential happenings. From this position, (...)

  23. DÚO 03

    Laura M. Lombardía & Sara Brito

    Carlos Luján + Juan Millás + Eduardo Nave

    About the last X cinema in the city. Laura M. Lombardía & Sara Brito. March 2015. View

  24. DÚO 02

    Pablo Chacón & Isabel Navarro

    Carlos Luján + Juan Millás + Eduardo Nave

    About traffic crashes. Pablo Chacón & Isabel Navarro. December 2014. View

  25. Normandie

    Les rivages du débarquement

    On June, 6th of 1944, 5 million men faced each other in five beautiful and huge sandy beaches. One year later, a war finished in Europe. In every landing craft (...)

  26. DÚO 01

    Eduardo Nave & Valeria Saccone

    Carlos Luján + Juan Millás + Eduardo Nave

    About the eleventh day of March. Eduardo Nave & Valeria Saccone. March 2014. View

  27. Chambao at the end of the world

    Book: "Chambao at the end of the world". Sony Music. 2009.

  28. DÚO#01

    On March 11th. Press

    Carlos Luján + Juan Millás + Eduardo Nave

    A single-topic newspaper published now and then exploring and reclaiming the feature format by a writer and a photographer. DÚO 01 is about the 10 years that have passed since the terrorist attack in Madrid on March 11. Authors: Eduardo Nave & Valeria Saccone. A project by Carlos Luján, Juan (...)

  29. DÚO

    Carlos Luján + Juan Millás + Eduardo Nave

    Single-subject newspaper issued unpredictably which explores and defends the feature format developed by a writer and a photographer. This publication provides both authors unusual working conditions in media: time and (...)

  30. The Last Residents

    Feature. El País Semanal

    Juan Millás + Eduardo Nave

    "They live in isolated little villages, where they were left alone or where they went looking for freedom. They have peace of mind, but also poor roads and insufficient basic services. This is a journey to those villages which, with only one home, challenge their own existence." Feature published in (...)

  31. Edge of Life

    Feature. Yo Dona

    Juan Millás + Eduardo Nave

    Born before 37 weeks gestation and weighed between 500 and 900 grams. But they cling to life with enormous forces. The existence of these babies gain in grams. When doctors (...)

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