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Kamikazes de la imagen (Image Kamikazes) comes from the creative and visual voice of Spanish photo artists with Down syndrome.

This time, people suffering from trisomy 21 are not the ones being photographed, but the ones shooting the camera and creating images from their environment in a determined, autonomous and creative way. They tell us their dreams through their words and images. Who could better self represent themselves and make themselves to be heard and more visible in society?

They have a rampant and shameless style. Convincing and clear. They allow themselves what other photographers could not. Image as mean of expression is inherent before beginning to shoot.

Some of the main skills of people with Down Syndrome are perception and visual memory, better than hearing. Generally, they forget more easily what they hear, but they remember what they see. Photography, as a tool for visual expression, is specially adequate to develop a great artistic potential from the collective of photographers with trisomy 21.

Image Kamikazes aims to achieve quality artistic creation, personal development and social and creative empowerment of people with Down Syndrome, as well as to expand their visibility and self-representation. Participant artists improve their visual and verbal expression and they work in group on an essay about their environment.

Image Kamikazes is the result of a total of 9 workshops which took place in several places of Spain: Córdoba, Sabadell and Toledo in 2012.

This project has been conceived by NOPHOTOVOZ/ Eva Sala and it has been possible thanks to Down España, the associations Down Córdoba, Down Toledo and Andi Sabadell, CentroCentro and “la Caixa” Foundation.

More info in the project blog: downvozes.blogspot.com.es

Diseñado y desarrollado por Julio César González