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  1. “A grove of trees from a point of view”

    Museo del Romanticismo

  2. Fotoensayo "A grove of trees from a point of view”

    El País Semanal

  3. Los secretos de Vega Sicilia

    El País Semanal

  4. Neandertales, el final de los otros humanos

    El País Semanal

  5. La cuna del viento

    El País Semanal

  6. ¿Por qué agoniza el gorrión?

    El País Semanal

  7. Publications

    Editorial assignments

  8. A grove of trees from a point of view

    This project is an imaginary proposal on the origins of landscape and the beginning of the gaze. As background for the work, we have chosen a forest in Côtes d’Armor (Brittany Peninsula, France), interested in the figure of the menhir megaliths. If we understand landscape as a concept folded within (...)

  9. Parece posible encontrar todavía algo por descubrir en el jardín

  10. Península

    Juan Millás + Eduardo Nave

    Can we look at the world from the same approach we use for the photography book? Is it possible to have a look to reality opening it in any part? In summer 2007, driven by these thoughts, the authors of the project called Península agreed on the rules for a (...)

  11. Cómo hacer buenas fotografías

    para El Diari Indultat

  12. Península


    Juan Millás + Eduardo Nave

  13. Bosque fingido


  14. Un brunch de cinco estrellas

    Lifestyle. Mujer Hoy

  15. Generación 'top'

    Fashion. Mujer Hoy

  16. Fototaxia

    Juan Millás + Eduardo Nave

  17. ¿What is DÚO?

    Carlos Luján + Juan Millás + Eduardo Nave

  18. Working style. Look de oficina

    Fashion. Mujer Hoy

  19. Cinco 'eat girls'

    Lifestyle. Mujer Hoy

  20. DÚO 04

    Gianfranco Tripodo & Guillermo Abril

    Carlos Luján + Juan Millás + Eduardo Nave

    About the South Border. Gianfranco Tripodo & Guillermo Abril. September 2015. View

  21. Ana Malababa

    Lifestyle. Mujer Hoy

  22. Cherchez la femme

    Lifestyle. Marie Claire

  23. DÚO 03

    Laura M. Lombardía & Sara Brito

    Carlos Luján + Juan Millás + Eduardo Nave

    About the last X cinema in the city. Laura M. Lombardía & Sara Brito. March 2015. View

  24. DÚO 02

    Pablo Chacón & Isabel Navarro

    Carlos Luján + Juan Millás + Eduardo Nave

    About traffic crashes. Pablo Chacón & Isabel Navarro. December 2014. View

  25. El anfitrión perfecto

    Deco. Marie Claire

  26. Chefs & Decoradores

    Gastronomy & Deco. Hola Cocina

  27. DÚO 01

    Eduardo Nave & Valeria Saccone

    Carlos Luján + Juan Millás + Eduardo Nave

    About the eleventh day of March. Eduardo Nave & Valeria Saccone. March 2014. View

  28. Wedding Buffet of the Dukes of Alba

    Gastronomy. Hola Cocina

    Forty guests enjoyed the considered wedding of the year 2011, third one for the woman with more nobility titles of the world and first one for her husband, Mr. Alfonso (...)

  29. DÚO#01

    On March 11th. Press

    Carlos Luján + Juan Millás + Eduardo Nave

    A single-topic newspaper published now and then exploring and reclaiming the feature format by a writer and a photographer. DÚO 01 is about the 10 years that have passed since the terrorist attack in Madrid on March 11. Authors: Eduardo Nave & Valeria Saccone. A project by Carlos Luján, Juan (...)

  30. Chagas Disease Lash

    Feature. El País Semanal

    "Forgotten, but lethal. An illness caused by an insect, the Trypanosoma cruzi, “silently kills” the poorest in Latin America and appears in the developed world hand in hand with migration. It is Chagas disease. The writer Sergio C. Fanjul and the photographer Juan Millás travel to the center of (...)

  31. DÚO

    Carlos Luján + Juan Millás + Eduardo Nave

    Single-subject newspaper issued unpredictably which explores and defends the feature format developed by a writer and a photographer. This publication provides both authors unusual working conditions in media: time and (...)

  32. The Amazing Women of Yen Bai

    Feature. Yo Dona

    Vietnam has an equivalent area to half of Spain by it doubles our country in number of inhabitants, which turns it into one of the most populated countries in the world. Its economy highly depends on agriculture, where 80% of its population work having rice as its main crop. CODESPA's (...)

  33. The Last Residents

    Feature. El País Semanal

    Juan Millás + Eduardo Nave

    "They live in isolated little villages, where they were left alone or where they went looking for freedom. They have peace of mind, but also poor roads and insufficient basic services. This is a journey to those villages which, with only one home, challenge their own existence." Feature published in (...)

  34. Edge of Life

    Feature. Yo Dona

    Juan Millás + Eduardo Nave

    Born before 37 weeks gestation and weighed between 500 and 900 grams. But they cling to life with enormous forces. The existence of these babies gain in grams. When doctors (...)

  35. Teachers, Self-examination

    Feature. El País Semanal

    "Back to school, back to fight. Tomorrow 8 million of Spaniards go back to non-university classrooms. 70% of them study in public institutions. Their teachers collective is one of the (...)

  36. This Temple Belongs to Whom?

    Feature. El País Semanal

    "Between 1998 and 2007 Pamplona's Archbishopric registered more than one thousand properties, among churches, houses and estates. We have visited Abaiz, a drop in the ocean of the controversial registrations facilitating the accumulation of properties by the Church in the last years." Feature published in El País Semanal, issue 1877. (...)

  37. Valley of Freedom

    Feature. El País Semanal

    Photo feature on where the novel “Inés y la alegría”, by Almudena Grandes, takes place. The most important armed event after the Spanish Civil War took place in Val d'Arán: in October 1944, 4 000 guerrilla fighters came in to attempt to free Spain from Franco. Feature published in (...)

  38. Road Guardians

    Feature. El País Semanal

    "Are you going to hit the road? 10 000 people monitor your movements. Night and day. By motorcycle, by patrol car, by helicopter, in the open-air or in the offices, they monitor, report and penalize the offenders. But they also dissuade, warn and especially help the drivers. The traffic body (...)

  39. España se hace la sueca

    Feature. El País Semanal

    Feature on how life happens inside an Ikea store in Madrid. Feature published in El País Semanal, issue 1736. Sunday, January 3, 2010.

  40. Energy Transformation. Seeded Mirrors

    Feature. El País Semanal

    “Renewal energy is 10% of the energy consumed in Spain. The goal: to reach 20% in 2020. The sun, the wind, the sea, the micro seaweed... Spain changes its engine. (...)

  41. Túnel Madrid Calle-30

  42. 12 Years Living among Wolves

    Character Intro. El País Semanal

    "His father sold him in 1953 to a stockbreeder so he took care of goats in the mountains of Córdoba. He resisted without human contact for 12 years. Marcos grew (...)

  43. Palestine. Projects by Action Against Hunger

    Feature. Yo Dona

    We visit the projects Action Against Hunger has in the West Bank: water treatment and food security. In collaboration with Carmen Posadas. Published in issue 316, Saturday, May 21, (...)

  44. Real Fábrica de Tapices

    Feature. XL Semanal

  45. Jorge Semprún. Last Meeting in Paris

    Interview. El País Semanal

    A Portrait of Semprún's privacy and the rooms of his house in Paris. Last meeting between the intellectual Jorge Semprún and the journalist Juan Cruz in an interview made for El País Semanal few months before he died, in June 2011. Published in El País Semanal, issue 1786. Sunday, (...)

  46. Haruki Murakami. The Writer in his Labyrinth

    Interview. Marie Claire

    Juan Millás goes with Ray Loriga in a journey to Tokyo for an exclusive talk with one of the greatest and more elusive authors of our time. A quiet and very literary meeting in an rushing and infinite city. Published in issue 282, March 2011.

  47. El desdoblamiento de Millás

    Entrevista en portada. Babelia

  48. Almudena Grandes. The Joyful Life

    Interview. Marie Claire

    "Happy in her summer shelter in Rota, the writer displays her already famous culinary skills and reveal us, surrounded by friends, the keys to her new novel, a story of (...)

  49. Paolo Giordano

    Interview. Marie Claire

  50. Long Life to King David

    Interview. L-INK Magazine

    Visit to the studio of fashion designer David Delfín in Augusto Figueroa street, Madrid. Interview published in L-ink Magazine, issue 6. April & March, 2013. Made by Blanca J. de (...)

  51. Madrid. No hurry, non stop

    Feature. Traveler Condé Nast

    "Blessed are the ones who love the heart of big cities, full of highly modern places whose offer is always surprising, because in this feature there are business men of (...)

  52. Madrid

    Travel. Marie Claire Belgium

  53. Málaga

    Travel. Yo Dona

    Feature for Yo Dona about Málaga, Spanish city shortlisted as European Capital of Culture in 2016. Feature published in Yo Dona magazine, issue 276. Saturday, August 14, 2010.

  54. Praga y Budapest

    Travel. Yo Dona

  55. Dubrovnik. La posibilidad de una isla

    Travel. Yo Dona

  56. Helsinki. La ciudad en el bosque

    Travel. Yo Dona

  57. Express train to the heart of Asia

    Travel. Marie Claire

    Silver Road. A journey by train in Central Asia. 1 200 km of railways drive the visitor to mythical cities such as Bukhara, Khiva and Samarkand. Feature published in Marie Claire magazine, issue 270, March 2010.

  58. Mauritius Island

    Travel. Yo Dona

    "Mauritius was created first and then heaven; and heaven was copied after Mauritius..." (Mark Twain,  Following the Equator). Feature assigned by Yo Dona magazine on Mauritius Island -commercially known as Beach Island- and its luxury resorts. Published in issue 224. August 15, 2009.

  59. Puerto Rico on the road

    Travel. Yo Dona

    A five-day tour by car around the island of Puerto Rico. Yo Dona nº194. January 17, 2009.

  60. Cubiertas de libros

    Ilustraciones para los sellos editoriales Alfaguara y Punto de Lectura

Diseñado y desarrollado por Julio César González