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  1. Proyecto K.

    Book trailer


  3. Invisible Immigrants

    Spaniards in the US (1868-1945)

  4. App Los Modlin


    APP for Ipad a graphic adventure where the user turns into a detective. From photos found in the trash and solving some clues, the player should get the dream of (...)

  5. Calexico

    Music Promotion

    Promo photos of the American music band Calexico.

  6. The Modlins

    An unbelievable story retrieved from the trash

    It took Paco Gómez ten years to write THE MODLINS. Ten years of research, full of difficulties, to compose a narrative puzzle where the author rebuilds, from photos found in (...)

  7. Zoom


    For years humanity has been silently subdued to a dark serializing process by alien forces.

  8. Architecture Photos

    Photo works of project documentation for different architecture and urban planning studios.

  9. Design of Exhibition Display

    Photo Exhibitions

    Assignments carried out from 2007 on design of exhibition display for photographers and cultural institutions.

  10. Los Modlin


  11. Las tres emes máginas


    Exhibit on the American surrealist painter Margaret Marley Modlin in AVA Gallery Madrid in March 2007. For the first time, the paintings could be seen together with photo studies found (...)

  12. Razón y sed


    Collective exhibit, together with photographers Ana Muller, Castro Prieto, Díaz Burgos, and Martí Llorens. Sponsored by the College of Road Engineers, the exhibit was held at Sástago Palace in Saragossa (...)

  13. La república No Fotos


    Exhibit of declassified images of the No Photos Republic in La Caixa’s Headquarters in La Laguna within the FotoNoviembre03 Festival.

  14. Project K.

    Bratislava, Slovakia

    “Proyecto K.” exhibit in the Slovenian city of Bratislava within the Fotofo Festival, October 2003

  15. Project K.

    Sala Amadís, Madrid

  16. Los Modlin

    Inclusión en el álbum familiar

  17. The Modlins

    Photos of garbage

    The Modlins were a family of artists living in Madrid since the 70´s. Margaret was a painter, Elmer was an actor in Hollywood and their son, Nelson a model, actor (...)

  18. La felicidad

  19. Diario Polar de Aníbal Hanko

    Una historia futurista del S.XIX

    After the Second Worldwide Demagnetization, all digital files were entirely lost and human knowledge and its history completely disappeared. Overnight, humankind was left to its own fate; the findings from (...)

  20. Artist Portraits

  21. Photo Poche 103

    Plagiarism-book collecting chosen photos from all-over-the-world features made by the author, who was absorbed in the fiction of being a professional photographer. Typography and design of the publication, and even (...)

  22. The Whole Thing

    Towards the end of the second millennium, the authorities controlling planet Earth decide that humans are ready for a new evolutionary leap, and they endow humans with a new tool: (...)

  23. Spiderman in Madrid

    The second week of March of the year 2004, the newspaper Daily Bugle sends its best press-photographer Peter Parker to cover the events that are shaken the whole world. (...)

  24. Inland Seas

    Dominating and controlling water has always been a men need since the begining of times. The essential task performed by Civil Engineering is intimately associated with landscape destruction. However, it (...)

  25. Montedidio

    A Neapolitan history

    Montedidio is a circular photographic essay carried out once the author is possessed by different personalities all in one; a writer, a photographer and a bookbinder. The words in Erri (...)

  26. Puentes de fábrica


  27. Building Landscapes

    Bridges designed by CESMA Ingenieros

  28. Ivorypress

    Reproducción arte

  29. ADIF

    Railway Bridges

    Photo assignment of unique masonry bridges within the Spanish industrial heritage.

  30. Reason & Thirst

    College of Civil Engineers

  31. God's World

    Since the dawn of man, human beings have been seeking for bringing any sense into their unbearable insignificance. Their reflection brought them to create world god, a world where all (...)

  32. Dangerous Children

    Dangerous children project is a endless pursuit of the fine differences we use all around the world to represent a very same concept into a traffic sign.

  33. Manuel Vilariño

    Seda de caballo

    Video for Manuel Vilariño's exhibition Seda de Caballo opened in September 2013 in Tabacalera (Madrid). As in his photos, Manuel Vilariño shows himself in this video piece as an enigmatic (...)

  34. Project K.

    A Kafkaesque investigation

    Project K. is a crazy historic research, drifting between reality and fiction fronts, on the events happened in czech writer Franz Kafka’s life. This series starts by describing the process (...)

  35. The Magic of Camera Obscura

    If you move, you are not in the picture

    Workshop aimed to schools which tries to communicate the magic of the origins of photography to children. The students make frames and during the practice the room turns into a (...)

  36. The No-Photo Republic

    Unclassified images

    Hidden between the craks of history, forgotten by one and all, the rough and turbulent society of the no-photo republic rose again and again after the revolutions (largely of mathematical (...)

  37. Esculturismo

    Comunidad de Madrid

  38. Nine Literary Guides

    Council of Castilla y León

    Photo assignment for the collection Nueve Guías Literarias de Castilla y León (Nine Literary Guides of Castilla y León). Published by Fundación Villalar de Castilla y León and coordinated by (...)

  39. Guardia Civil, Very Close

    Corporate video

    Assignment of Fundación de la Guardia Civil for making a corporate video showing the current situation and the different specialties of Guardia Civil's body deployed in Spain.

  40. Ministry of Culture

    Exhibition Designs

    Assignment on design of exhibition display and installing coordination organized by the Ministry of Culture in Tabacalera venue in Madrid.

  41. Vanity Fair


  42. Universidad Europea

    Corporate Feature

    Corporate photos shot for the catalogues of the different schools of Universidad Europea de Madrid. The work was intended to capture the daily life of the university and it was (...)

  43. Cesma Ingenieros

    Engineering photographs

    Since 1998, made photographs of the most unique projects designed by the engineering company Cesma Engineers in Madrid

  44. Le Monde

    Ilustración noticias

  45. Creciclando

    Spot publicitario

  46. Conde Duque


  47. Exhibition Design

    Exhibition Display Criteria

    Photo exhibitions are a social action achieving a mission as a momentary display window for projects. Well- designed and measured, they are an excellent tool to communicate messages the author (...)

  48. Codere - Erretres


  49. Príncipe Pío Hotel


    Corporate photographs of Hotel Príncipe Pío in Madrid in the vicinity of the Royal Palace

  50. The Modlins

    Book trailer

    Book trailer of THE MODLINS, by Paco Gómez, made from archive images of stories relating to the family of artists.

  51. Rolling Stone

    El arte del botellón

    Report on botellón phenomenon of drinking outdoors in Spain. The photographs speak to the phenomenon’s roots of drinking in the streets in Spanish culture, with references to the classical bodegón (...)

  52. Guardia Civil

    Corporate Video

    Assignment of Fundación de la Guardia Civil for making a corporate video showing the current situation and the different specialties of Guardia Civil's body.

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